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Cello Days

In July 2004 we held our first cello day for many years in West Glamorgan. Over 60 cellists attended, ages ranged between 8 and 18 and all abilities from beginners right through to Grade 8 plus. We started the day playing as a "cello orchestra" altogether rehearsing pieces that had been specially arranged to cater for all standards and tastes.

After lunch we held some group workshops with all the cellists seperating into smaller ensembles according to ability to rehearse pieces again arranged especially for each group. We finished the day off with an informal concert with each smaller group performing and the "cello orchestra" performing the finale for a very appreciative audience of parents and friends.

Rehearsing so many cellists of such different abilities is not an easy task but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, hopefully learning from it and after the morning's work and some great team efforts the orchetstra began to make lovely music.

This will hopefully be the first of many cello days to come and with so much positive feedback from the cellists themselves I am sure it is only a matter of time before the next one............

Some very promising younger cellists.

Even injuries to fingers didn't stop some!


Rehearsal of the cello orchetsra.

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