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Hi, my name is Rachel Webley, I am a double bassist and a cello and double bass teacher based in South Wales, UK. The purpose of this website is to give information about learning and playing these wonderful musical instruments and to encourage string players of all ages and abilities in their musical quests.
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Cello - The violoncello is the second largest member of the string family. It has a warm, melodious sound and is used as a solo instrument as well as providing a bass line in symphonic and chamber music. The cello is played sitting down and normally with a bow. Composers that have written music for the cello include Bach, Haydn, Dvorak, Elgar and Saint Saens.

Double Bass - Also known as the contrabass, the double bass is the largest and lowest member of the string family. A very versatile instrument, the double bass not only provides the bass line in symphony and chamber orchestras, but is also very prominent in jazz and popular music. Being very closely related to the bass guitar, many double bass players find it a natural progression to play the bass guitar as well.


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